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Ownit speedtest server

To enforce usage of IPv6 go to speedtestv6.ownit.se

This speedtest server is running on FreeBSD, has 10Gbit linkspeed and is connected to Ownits backbone in Stockholm, Sweden. The files served are "spares files" which means server hardware performance is not a factor and also they do not take up any diskspace.

Sparse files

Download these files to test download speed

100MB 1GB 10GB 25GB 50GB 100GB 1TB


There is an iperf deamon listening on both IPv4 and IPv6 running on this server

About Ownit

We are a Swedish company who is growing rapidly! Our business idea is to offer individuals as well as property owners a cost efficient comprehensive solution regarding broadband, TV and telephony.

All of us working at Ownit has long experience within telecommunication and the broadband business. You are in safe hands with us.

It is however not only about offering a reliable service. A lot of people find it that broadband is tricky, that connecting your equipment is hard, or that the invoicing is unclear. We strive towards making it as smooth as possible to use our services. In the end it all comes down to respecting our customers time, which we do by being the best at simplicity.

If you have any at all further inquiries you can read more here. You are of course also more than welcome to contact us at: support@ownit.se or (+46) 8 - 525 07 300!